Naturally Prepared Childbirth

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Birth is a normal and natural process. Our Childbirth class focuses on exploring the option of unmedicated birth. The class help prepare couples for childbirth utilizing a variety of visualization exercises, breathing, relaxation, massage and additional comfort measures.

Stages of labor will be discussed, as well as general information about hospital policies and creating a positive communication with your health care provider. The focus of this class is on natural childbirth, however both analgesic and anesthetic pain relief options will be covered.

Preparing for unexpected outcomes will be taught, as well as Cesarean Section information. Please sign up for this class in the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy so that there is ample time for practicing the techniques covered. 

Class is $159 per couple.

Class schedule:

March 20th and 27th (6:00 - 8:30 pm)



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