Janod Nutty Ball Track

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Little learning hands delight with tumbling colorful fun!

Children love to explore the fascinating curves, edges, and colors of the acorns, felt leaves, and friendly squirrels.

Grab one of the six acorns and slide it through the top of the tree. - Clunk, roll, jingle, plop!

The nut rolls back and forth down three curved tracks, bumping silver bells all the way down until landing with a thump in the soft, grassy basket.

With so many exciting colors, sounds, and movements, your child will want to play again and again! Maybe even rolling, two, three, four, or all six acorns at once!

Inspire giggles and boost early learning with the squirrelly fun of the Nutty Ball Track.

Nutty ball Track

  • Set of wooden tracks for acorns to roll down
  • Encourages fine motor skills, sensory learning, cause/effect understanding
  • Commotion of acorns rolling down track delights children's senses
  • Acorns roll back and forth on 3 curved tracks
  • Acorn-shaped slot at top for dropping acorns
  • Acorns colored teal, light blue, navy blue, purple, red, pink
  • Bells hang from 2 tracks for acorns to ring
  • Green felt basket at bottom for catching acorns
  • Fun felt leaves built into tree branches
  • Colorful squirrels on each track inspire friendly fun
  • Includes 6 acorns, tree with tracks, bells, basket, leaves, squirrel cut-outs
  • Made entirely of wood, metal, and felt - painted with water-based paint
  • Durable construction; strong materials