Charlie's Soap Kitchen and Bath Household Cleaner

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Charlie's Soap Kitchen & Bath Household Cleaner is a hard surface cleaner developed to be a safe, green alternative for all of your daily household cleaning chores -- and not just in your bathrooms..

It is excellent for situations in which both effective degreasing action and safety are of paramount importance.

Kitchen & Bath Household Cleaner is made from all-natural washing soda and coconut oil-based detergents. It isa certified biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner that works while being safe for the environment.

It cleans the way you want it to without the need for harsh chemicals or the need to wear gloves.

Why use Kitchen & Bath Household Cleaner?

  • Safely cleans a remarkable variety of surfaces and soils and mold.
  • Gently releases grease and grime without harsh abrasives, lye, phosphates, bleach, dyes or cheap perfume.
  • Green cleaning for all washable surfaces including granite countertops, stovetops, ovens, hardwood floors, carpets, tubs, showers, walls, tile, stonework, sinks, toilets and more.
  • Use it  to target grease, oil, blood, mildew stains, food, red wine, grass, soap scum throughout your home.


NATURAL MINERAL INGREDIENTS: Water, sodium carbonate.

BIODEGRADABLE INGREDIENTS: C12-15, Pareth-2 (Vegetable and mineral sourced surfactants) - See more at: