Why is Art Education Important for young children?

27th Feb 2014

Our art classes, led by the kind and talented Miss Andrea, are more than just a fun 45 minutes to get messy and scribble on some paper. Each class is a valuable learning experience. In case you didn’t know, here are 13 things your child can learn through our Little Van Gogh and Preschool Picasso art classes. The list could be endless but we figured 13 was just the right number to get started!

Through our art classes, your child will:

  1. develop their decision making abilities.

  2. work on their physical coordination.

  3. strengthen hand muscles essential for writing.

  4. heighten their aesthetic awareness and sensitivity.

  5. discover a new avenue of communication.

  6. learn about a variety of classic artists and examine their work.

  7. flex their creative thinking muscles.

  8. discover household items can be turned into art.

  9. practice using their sense of touch as they handle and create with a variety of art materials.

  10. learn to appreciate and praise the efforts of their peers.

  11. learn to follow directions from an adult.

  12. gain confidence in their self-expression.

  13. discover art comes in many different shapes and sizes and is not confined to a sheet of paper.
    If your child’s taken an art class at Bellani, what is your favorite thing your child learned in class?