Baby Stella Darling Dish Set

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Baby Stella's outgrown her bottle! 

Baby Stella is ready to start learning to feed herself, but she's still so young, she needs your help! 

This dish set includes a dual-handed sippy cup; kids start learning to hold their cups and bottles with both hands for stability! And the sippy lid keeps her from spilling on herself. 

There's also a tin of applesauce. Babies love food like this! It's easy to eat with one or two teeth, or even none at all! 

Use the baby-sized spoon to scoop up the applesauce. Try to teach Baby Stella to hold her own spoon. Just remember that the first several times she tries to feed herself, she's going to have applesauce up her nose and in her hair! But that's all a part of growing up. 

There's also a personalized, divided Baby Stella plate with pink polka dots. 

The four pieces in this dish set use a teal, white, and pink color palette, flowers, polka dots, and classic stars, so you'll always know which plates belong to Baby Stella herself! 

Help Baby Stella with this milestone in her life as she graduates from a bottle to real food! 

Baby Stella Darling Dish Set

  • Teal, pink, and white plastic doll dish set for Baby Stella
  • Encourages nurturing, role playing, interest in childhood milestones
  • Teach Baby Stella to use a spoon and a sippy cup!
  • Baby Stella's plate and cup are personalized with her name
  • Color palette is teal, pink, and white
  • Wash before use
  • 4 piece set: sippy cup, applesauce jar, plate, and spoon
  • Strong melamine construction